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Capricorn Quilting

A Premier Quilt Supply Shop

Capricorn Quilting was a dream come true for many quilters in Polokwane.  For several years it was very difficult to buy 100% cotton fabrics locally to use in quilts, and people had to travel to Pretoria to buy all their fabrics and other needs.


Ann Nel opened her shop on the 6th of February 2012 - now managed by her son, Nico Nel. and a new era in quilting started in Polokwane.  Everything needed for quilting, from start to finish, was now available in the city.  Long-arm quilting is also done in the shop and this helps quilters who want to continue on other projects and do not have the time to do their own quilting.  She also spotted a need for knitting, crocheting and embroidery and then expanded her shop to accommodate all that is needed to fill that gap in the local market too.


Ann Nel is very passionate about any handmade article, whether it is quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery or sewing.  She knew that Polokwane needed a one-stop shop where she can bring together all these different people who share her love for handmade items.


Capricorn Quilting gives classes from beginners stage and also for the more experienced in quilting, knitting, crochet and machine embroidery.


In the near future Ann wants to attract school children too, to become involved in classes and to learn the skills of sewing, knitting and crochet.  The shop stocks more than 1000 different cotton fabrics and is a quilter’s haven!!

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